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SilverTickets are digital tickets/e-tickets designed for trucking companies, contractors, couriers, construction and any other industry that requires invoices. SilverTickets will instantly make your company more accurate, save you money on paper and labour costs, eliminate tedious tasks, and add valuable time to your day.

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What is it?

SilverTickets is a digital tool that makes carbon copies unnecessary.  By using iPads, iPhones as well as Android tablets & smart phones, your company can gain a massive competitive advantage and save huge money.

Have you been using carbon copies for years just to find that they’re filled out wrong, the driver has poor or messy handwriting, they’re torn or worse... missing?

With SilverTickets your tickets will be neatly entered and collected on a secure & private cloud database that you can access at anytime from anywhere!

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Save Time & Money

With savings in monthly paper costs, monthly labour costs (data entry), higher accuracy (fewer entry mistakes), and receiving data sooner (almost real time), you'll really start see how much money you’ll be saving!

Faster Information

Why wait weeks to gather your tank's information?  With the SilverTickets system, your data gets scanned and sent directly to your desk.  No Internet connection?  No problem!  The ticket gets saved and sent as soon as there is one!

Increase Accuracy

Our digital forms have required fields that need to be filled in correctly in order to submit.  This way your data will be more accurate: no more greasy handprints, torn copies or messy writing.

Lease GPS

Does your team have a hard time finding leases?  Now it’s easier than ever with our GPS lease location system.  Your drivers will be able to locate obscure leases easily which, in turn, will substantially increase production.

Environmentally Friendly

Metric tonnes of paper is wasted every year due to the use of carbon copies.  With SilverTickets you’ll have digital forms that will drastically lower your environmental impact.

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